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156 Responses to “Seminar Topics”

  1. kadhar says:

    try to post some topics regarding the chemical engineering………

  2. shivani says:

    i want seminar topics related to touchscreen

  3. pravllika.y says:

    i want technical seminars on mc subject

  4. zeya says:

    sir,plz send me full ppt on cloud computing for my seminar. .thanks a lot.

  5. leosheen kallarakkal says:

    oh! my God….

    From here….
    I got the seminar reports which i was searching for a long time in the world of ‘Internet’.
    Thank you….!


  6. archana says:

    hi this’s archana.. doin my eee(3rd yr)
    i need sum technical topics 4r presentation laboratory…
    can u sen me few topics as soon as possible?? plzzzzzzz

  7. Mans says:

    Thanks buddy
    thanks a lot……………

  8. swati jain says:

    seminar about virous

  9. pushpak says:

    sir,i request you to send me the seminar full notes on 4G wireless technologies and systems

  10. bhanu says:

    sir,i want new technologies seminar topics related to information technology

  11. vicky says:

    sir , i request you to send me a full seminar on fuel cell

  12. g.tejesvi says:

    hi,i request u 2 send ppts (cellonics) as soon as possible i liked it

  13. ALLEN says:

    plz . tell me some new seminar topics for electrical and electronics engineering

  14. poorna says:

    please provide me a good seminar topic for computer science with full report and presentation as soon as possible

  15. SONALI.U.M says:

    sir,i need some recent chemical engg seminar topics…..

  16. siddartha.S says:

    i need sum technical topics for “mechanical base with electronic control” can u sen me few topics as soon as possible?? plzz

  17. Raj says:

    hello sir
    please help me in getting a topic 4 paper presentation.i m pursuing b-tech,civil from GBPUA&T and i m in 4th sem presently.i have interest in structures( TOS,SOM,DOCS)bt since the topics i ve studied is quite few,i m not able 2 decide any topic which i should pursue.Although dere r list of many topics available,i wanted 2 do ppt on topics i hv studied.
    dere4 please help me in dis regard.awaiting ur reply

  18. jareena says:


    i need some latest conference papers in computer science.please send me latest technical papers.

    thank u

  19. Srikanth says:

    Hai sir,
    im b’tech 3y ece.plz help me sir for ppts . . . . . .

  20. Trivikram says:

    i want any new IT technology based topic for seminar

  21. swathi says:

    dis is swati here…..i want latest seminar topics on electronic & communication plz mail sir its urgent with ppt

  22. swathi says:

    Dis is swathi here………..i want some latest seminar topics on electronics & communication plz send wit full report………thanku

  23. aasu says:

    m in btech 3rd year (eee),plz give me some seminar topic related to my stream with full ppt presentation as soon as possible.

  24. aasu says:

    suggest me some seminar topic for electrical n electronics branch with full ppt presentation as soon as possible

  25. pradeep says:

    please provide paper presentation in nanotechnology

  26. nithya says:

    hi, please send me the INFORMATION and ppt for VANET……..

  27. amarpreet says:

    please send the full report and ppt for the topic “eyes gaze communication system” on my id…

  28. venusragh says:

    Hi,i need some material abt COGNITIVE RADIO
    please provide me……..

  29. Anceledlode says:

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  30. swapnil sonawane says:

    hello sir, I am a final year BE instrumentation student. I need some latest and highly interesting seminar topics related to power genration . Can you please help me out.?

  31. dodefresius says:

    nice topic to lose weight,
    don’t forget to say thanks

    Lose Weight

  32. kavya says:

    plz send me eee seminars along with ppts.its very urgent

  33. Ashish says:

    sir, pls suggest me any seminar topic on thermal engineering whichever useful in final project also………….

  34. Ashish says:

    sir, pls suggest me any seminar topic on thermal engineering whichever useful in final project also………….or suggest me any link for that…………

  35. titli says:

    hello sir,

    please tell me some new recent interesting seminar topics for electronics and tele communication engineering with power point representation . As soon as possible.

  36. titli says:

    hello sir,

    Please tell me about some new recent interesting seminar topics for electronics and telecommunication engineering. can you please help me as soon as possible.

  37. liza says:

    i want sme gud seminar topics that can i present….i am a 1st sem student belongs to electrical branch..pls help me

  38. praveen kapri says:

    I want a seminar report on topic HACKING. reply soon

  39. praveen kapri says:

    hello sir,i am a MCA 1st sem student. i want a seminar report on Hacking. can u please help me?

  40. prabhu merlin says:

    hii sir……..
    dis is merlin of B-tech final yr student…i need some latest seminar topics on electronics & communications with full report & presentation

  41. janvi says:

    im final year electronics and communication student ,plz help me out with my semminar topic,i need a best and interesting seminar topic

  42. shirisha says:

    please i need some latest electronic seminar topicsand its report.

  43. LIJI A says:

    plz, send me the list of latest seminar topics in Structural engg(Civil)., at M.Tech LEVEL

  44. viju says:

    i want a good presentation which i could modify a little !
    plzzzzzzzz help me :(

  45. abhijeet unde says:

    For the purpose of 4th year project, what topics can I chooose

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