samsung 360 round camera


Samsung 360 Round Camera

21 Oct , 2017  

The Samsung 360 Round Camera is completely aimed at developing a virtual reality content, and not just streaming 360-degree videos.The Samsung 360 Round camera has 17 lenses which are arranged as eight stereo pairs positioned horizontally and a single lens positioned vertically.

Features and Specs-Samsung 360 Round Camera 

The Samsung 360 Round is water-resistant and dust-resistant, so you need not worry about the rain, but don’t completely submerge it into the water.The camera doesn’t require a fan for cooling which means it is lighter than any other cameras.It is the first product to meet these requirements by combining high-quality 360-degree imagery with an advanced 3D depth at a smaller price compared to the other 360 cameras.

The Samsung 360 Round has six degrees of freedom.Samsung will be able to control full 3D sensing.The benefit of the Gear VR has been its wire-free mobility.


It has 10GB RAM and 40GB internal storage with expansion slots. It weighs around 4.25 pounds.For processing video, customers must have at least a 64-bit OS.The device has a built-in PC software which helps developers to maintain and control the images as well as storage management.It is the successor of Gear 360 which was released in May 2017.

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