Intel Falcon 8+ commercial Drone


Intel Falcon 8+ commercial Drone

19 Oct , 2016  

Ascending Technologies, the subsidiary brand of intel revealed its first commercial Drone, the Intel Falcon 8+. The Falcon 8+ has been designed for commercial uses like inspection, surveying, and mapping.

Intel Falcon 8+ commercial Drone-Features

The Intel Falcon 8+ commercial Drone is build on the AscTec Falcon 8 drone, a V-form octocopter that boasts high stability, precision GPS and flight control electronics. The drone features a water-resistant ground Cockpit system for control and an Intel PowerPack to keep it flying. It can achieve speeds up to 35 miles per hour (56.3 kilometres per hour) and has a take-off weight of 2.8kg. “The Intel Cockpit integrates independent control and safety features with low latency digital video link. This supports payloads with up to 1080p resolutions for the best possible live view,” Intel claims on its website.

The Falcon 8+  drone’s Cockpit is an Intel chipset-powered tablet for planning and conducting complex flight patterns as well as monitoring the live video feed via a low latency digital link up to 1080p resolution with a 1 km range. Flight control can also be managed with a single hand joystick. The drone also bears a bunch of on-board sensors that can map surfaces down to the millimeter, which the company says allows for routes to be replicated with a high degree of accuracy. Intel is waiting for the  approval from the the Federal Communications for sale or use in the United States. Let’s  wait and see how Intel performs with its latest product as the competition is relatively less in the commercial sector for unmanned aerial vehicles.

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