RTOS- Real Time Operating Systems

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Real-time systems play a considerable role in our society, and they cover a spectrum from the very simple to the very complex. Examples of current real-time systems include the control of domestic appliances like washing machines and televisions, the control of automobile engines, telecommunication switching systems, military command and control systems, industrial process control, flight control systems, and space shuttle and aircraft avionics.

All of these involve gathering data from the environment, processing of gathered data, and providing timely response. A concept of time is the distinguishing issue between real-time and non-real-time systems. When a usual design goal for non-real-time systems is to maximize system’s throughput, the goal for real-time system design is to guarantee, that all tasks are processed within a given time. The taxonomy of time introduces special aspects for real-time system research. Real-time operating systems are an integral part of real-time systems. Future systems will be much larger, more widely distributed, and will be expected to perform a constantly changing set of duties in dynamic environments. This also sets more requirements for future real-time operating systems. This seminar has the humble aim to convey the main ideas on Real Time System and Real Time Operating System design and implementation.


Timeliness is the single most important aspect of a real -time system. These systems respond to a series of external inputs, which arrive in an unpredictable fashion. The real-time systems process these inputs, take appropriate decisions and also generate output necessary to control the peripherals connected to them. As defined by Donald Gillies “A real-time system is one in which the correctness of the computations not only depends upon the logical correctness of the computation but also upon the time in which the result is produced. If the timing constraints are not met, system failure is said to have occurred.”

It is essential that the timing constraints of the system are guaranteed to be met. Guaranteeing timing behavior requires that the system be predictable. The design of a real -time system must specify the timing requirements of the system and ensure that the system performance is both correct and timely. There are three types of time constraints:

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    It’s a very good seminar report on RTOS I am hertly thankful to all the members of the techalone family

  6. mahesh varde says:

    its a very good report on the RTOS. So I am thankful to all the members of the techlone Family

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    i dont know why , i am not getting any graphs or pictures from this article

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    @Bhavesh : The full Seminar Report of the RTOS is given with this Post itself.

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